Back to School at McCoy Kids

Back to School at McCoy Kids

Can you believe it? It feels like Summer started just last week and here we are going back to school. Living in the Pacific Northwest means back to school for us typically happens right after Labor Day, but we know many of you have headed back already or are going back in the next week. 

We've been working hard to pull together a collection of back to school items for you all. Unfortunately, with supply chains still being stretched many of these items won't be physically in the shop until mid-late August. With that being said - we promise most (if not all) of these items are well worth the wait. 

Shop our Back to School collection and read-up on everything expected in the shop, below.


Looking to find that perfect backpack for your little? Look no further than the collection we've curated for you. 

The first bags in the shop come from one of our favorite brands out of the Netherlands - CarlijnQ. These bags are a great size to grow with your little, measuring 24x35x9cm and are made using 100% recycled polyester (meaning you can feel good about it too). The bags come in two designs: wild horses & grizzly bear. Hurry though! Stock is limited. 

In addition, we will be introducing a new-to-us brands FABELAB out of Denmark. We will be bringing in two different styles of backpacks, each in two colorways. Both of these bags are also made from 100% recycled polyester as well. These should be shipping to us around August 15 and available in our shop shortly after.

The big bag measures 44x28x12cm and comes in two colorways - gold/rose and blue/olive.


The smaller bag measures 32x26x9cm and is available in the same color profiles. 

bento boxes

We have a restock on its way for our favorite bento boxes by EKOBO. These boxes are made from a bamboo polymer and the cutest things around. There are a number of options to choose from from snack boxes, to square bentos, to bigger rectangular bentos as well! You can choose from the selection we have, or sign-up for a 'back in stock' alert to be notified when the restock arrives shortly. 

We will also be bringing in some gorgeous, stainless steel bento boxes from FABELAB. These boxes should be here near the end of August. These boxes measure 16x11x5.5cm and are a great option for someone looking for a box to stand the test of time (and little hands).

pencil bags

We couldn't get over how cute the pencil bags from FABELAB were so we had to snag a few for the shop! This bag measures 22x11x6m and has all the bells and whistles your little could need.

lunch bags

We spent a lot of time hunting for the perfect, eco-friendly lunch bag when we found out our favs from EKOBO were discontinued but the options left much to be desired... so we decided to make our own!

These bags are handmade by a master seamstress in Tacoma, WA. They're made with a cotton canvas exterior (with a couple waxed canvas options), lined with cotton, AND lightly insulated! These bags are machine-washable on cold, just lay them flat to dry. Did we mention they're designed to perfectly fit our favorite bento boxes, too?

If you're looking for a little simpler, we will also be bringing in these simple, waxed-canvas bags from WAAM. These bags are simple, non-insulated, but being waxed canvas are durable enough to withstand pretty much anything you can throw at it. 

reusable water bottles

We are HUGE fans of reusable water bottles in this house, especially those made of stainless steel. It's safe to say we were unreasonably excited when we found these new reusable water bottles for kids from FABELAB! These will be arriving in the shop mid-late August and we grabbed them in two colors. 

The bottles hold 320ml, have an easy-pop top with a sip mouth, and are just the cutest things we've ever seen. (no, really)

snack bags & snack containers

What is a school day without a handful of snacks? We are huge fans of the EKOBO store and go snack containers that come in 8oz and 11oz sizes. We have a good selection in stock today with more on their way now, so sign-up for those back in stock alerts to be the first to know when they arrive! These containers are made from a bamboo polymer with a silicone lid. They're easy to wash and easy to store. 

We'll also have some waxed canvas reusable snack bags from WAAM. These bags are made to be used, and used, and used again.

resuable cutlery

Last but not least, you or your little might need some reusable cutlery when you head back to school. We love the cutlery set from EKOBO that we have in the shop! The set is made from bamboo polymer and comes complete with a spoon, knife and fork. Grab one (or two) to wrap your back to school kit up in style.


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