About McCoy Kids

Founded in 2020 as online-only and with a brick and mortar opened in December 2023, McCoy Kids is a small boutique located in Tacoma, WA and shipping worldwide. We specialize in unique and small-batch children's products including art supplies, toys, books, clothing, and other essentials. We aim to make the gift-giving process simple by providing curated gift (Tot) boxes for new babies and children as they grow.

As parents ourselves, we found that some of the best gifts we received when we had our son were things we didn't know we needed, and that some of the things we were convinced we did need we never actually used. Our goal with this store is to make it easy to shop unique, quality items that are made to hold-up to all the things a kid can throw at them.. and then some.

To that, there are a few truths we try to maintain here at McCoy Kids:

  • There is value in knowing where the items you purchase come from. Who made these items? What were their processes? Where did they take extra care and why?
  • Quality matters. Too often, items for children are made with a limited shelf-life in mind and you're lucky if it survives them outgrowing it. We challenge that philosophy and believe there is an opportunity for these items to grow old alongside your child (or their friends, or with their children as well). Just ask our son who is still wearing clothes his father played in when he was a child.
  • It's important to celebrate our diversity and what makes us unique. Every new generation presents an opportunity to do and be better. Let's embrace this opportunity by amplifying own voices and stories while teaching this generation to do and be better. We believe children (and adults) should have ample access to books that feature characters who look, sound, act and believe in the same things they do.
  • Make an effort to be sustainable and support small and local. None of us are perfect, but a little effort goes a long way.  We purchase sustainable materials, recycle where possible, re-use shipping materials and try our best to minimize our footprint. 

We have made an extra effort to highlight the makers behind the products here at McCoy Kids. These individuals have put a lot of time and care into the products they create, and it shows. We encourage you to learn more about them and visit their websites to learn even more. 

Thank you for visiting our store! If you have feedback, there is something you would like to see in our store or would like to chat, please do not hesitate to contact us. And please, come visit us in person when you're in town at 504 S 11th St, Suite A, Tacoma, WA 98402.


"McCoy Kids"

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