Why the focus on sleep and bedtime?

Why the focus on sleep and bedtime?

Browsing McCoy Kids, one may wonder, "Why sleep?" or "Why bedtime"? Where are the pacifier clips, the teethers, the wooden toys? Well, we were children of the 80's and Feivel taught us to never say never, but when mulling over the proability of McCoy Kids, our minds immediately went to sleep.  

No, we didn't just think about sleep because we're parents ourselves, but it was more about how much time is spent thinking about and preparing for sleep. We did some searching to see if we could uncover just how many hours the average kid sleeps between birth and age four but found it surprisingly hard to land on a fact-based figure. With that being said, our esteemed estimate is a lot.. though we agree it never feels like enough

One thing we struggled with was finding organic, sustainable bedding and sleepwear for our son that we also liked looking at. Sure, we can run to the big box store and grab muted solids and pinks and blues, but what if we want something different or bold, then where do we go? The same experience repeated itself as we searched for comfortable and versatile sleepwear. The struggle was real. 

Thinking through the bedtime routine, we wanted to create the same experience for plush stuffed animals (as no kid can truly have enough), the hooded bath towel (the gift we didn't know we needed but is now our go-to for all new parents) and a curated collection of books we feel should be on every children's bookshelf. 

With that, McCoy Kids was born. 

So back to the question - why sleep, and why bedtime? For the not-enough hours kids spend sleeping, we believe they should be surrounded by the highest quality, sustainable and natural fabrics, possible. We believe these items should be unique, visually stimulating and interesting, and something you don't mind looking at when you're bleary-eyed at 2:15am. They should hold-up wash after wash after endless wash. And hopefully, just hopefully, they should survive long enough to live through another kid, and more after that. 

Thank you for visiting our site and thank you for reading through our musings. 

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