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Woodland Dreams by Karen Jameson and Marc Boutavant

Woodland Dreams Book Cover
Woodland Dreams is a new bedtime story from Karen Jameson and Marc Boutavant. Released by Chronicle Books on October 27, 2020, this book is a beautiful and poetic bedtime read. 
And once every creature is tucked in tight, shhh . . . It's time for everyone to say goodnight.
Follow along on a forest walk as each woodland creature returns to their home for the night. The dreamy illustrations make this story a great read for all ages and the poetry that Karen Jameson uses to describe the creature is truly magical. 
For example, when saying goodnight to the bear she says
Come home, Big Paws. Berry picker. Honey trickster. Shadows deepen in the glen. Lumber back inside your den.
Bear page from Woodland Dreams
We can't recommend this book enough for your little one's bookshelf. In fact, we're certain we'll be adding it to ours, shortly. With the illustrations and lyrical prose, we're confident this nighttime read will help little ones wind down for a good night sleep.
Photo of inside of Woodland Dreams book
Chronicle Books has listed this read as ideal for ages 3-6, but we believe it would still be a perfect addition for children (and adults) of all ages. Add Woodland Dreams to your collection, now!
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