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Missive is a Bay Area letterpress studio founded by designer Lisa Willis in 2008, when a creative outlet became a passion. With a mission to bring stylish correspondence to mailboxes everywhere, the offerings have expanded to include greeting cards, social stationery, announcements and more. What began as a one-woman operation has evolved into a husband and wife team—Lisa creates new designs for their collections while husband Gregory skillfully runs the presses at their Pleasant Hill, California studio.

Each piece is hand-printed on antique presses dating from 1912, using luxurious tree-free cotton and recycled content papers. With a less-is-more aesthetic and a focus on elegant letterforms, vintage imagery and classic design, our collection of charming letterpress cards and social stationery is intended to delight both the writer and the recipient.

Why Missive? Missive is an old word, dating from the 15th century. From its etymology in Medieval Latin "mittere"—to send—it has come to mean a note or written message and evokes both intrigue and romance, a fitting term for the art of letterpress.

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