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Mushie was in her first trimester when her morning sickness developed into a rare conditioned called Hyperemesis Gravidarum. She had no choice but to quit her job as an elementary school teacher and brace herself for months of extreme nausea and painful headaches.

Sentenced to bed rest, Mushie turned to the only thing that would make it worthwhile - her baby. She spent days designing the perfect nursery, keeping up with mommy bloggers on Instagram, and searching for the perfect baby products. 

But Mushie was often frustrated by her findings. Potentially harmful plastics and chemical dyes didn't seem like the right thing for a newborn, but eco-friendly products were often out of budget. Was there a way to provide the best for her baby without sacrificing safety or design?

Mushie didn't give up hope. She sought out the highest-quality products, even if that meant hours of research on obscure forums or even calling-up international suppliers and convincing them to bring their products to the U.S. 

Nine months later, Mushie gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Along with him, a brand was born. 

mushie believes that babies deserve best. That's why they are committed to products made to last, not to be replaced. They seek-out sustainable, eco-conscious materials along with modern, minimalist designs for affordable products that parents love as much as babies do.

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